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ding dong merrily on contrast!

So, I know November is only just upon us, but while everyone has been getting excited about their extra hour in bed, Contrast has been getting ready for Crimbo!

Much like Spring/Summer, Christmas can be a busy time for the band too ...

November is usually spent sprucing up the Christmas song list and performing at Christmas parties and shindigs, and its usually a great time to busk around the City.

2016 was a great year and we managed to busk in Leicester city centre as well as further afield (MUCH further afield!) and everyone was feeling the Christmas cheer!! Don't get me wrong, we were FREEZING COLD, but had a great time lol

Heres some (not great quality) footage from xmas 2016 ... Hoping to get some better videos of our Christmas travels this year!

We have a few things lined up in December so keep your eyes peeled on our social media to see us get up our usual xmas antics, and until then ......

..... Keep it Steel


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