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Happy Birthday Contrast!

Unfortunately, 2020 hasn't given us much to be happy about. But at least we have have one thing to celebrate! This month, Contrast turns 46!

Coronavirus can't stop us!

Hey folks, Its been a while! But I’m dusting off my keyboard to bring you all some sweet steel vibes As we’re all aware, the world has...

Welcome 2018!

Hey Guys, Yeah I know its March, and it’s a little bit late to be welcoming in the new year, but better late than never! Contrast are...

ding dong merrily on contrast!

So, I know November is only just upon us, but while everyone has been getting excited about their extra hour in bed, Contrast has been...

happy birthday contrast

The month of October this year marks Contrast’s 43rd birthday. Being established in 1974 makes Contrast amongst one of the oldest steel...